Customer Owned Piping – Maintenance Notification

Federal Regulation 192.16 requires that we notify you to exercise diligence regarding underground or buried gas piping. Buried pipes may be subject to leaks and or corrosion (corrosion may occur on metallic pipe) and could potentially be subject to hazards if not maintained.

Daphne Utilities owns all gas piping up to the meter. The customer owns and is responsible for maintaining gas piping that is beyond the meter, whether the piping is above ground or underground

Metallic lines may corrode if unprotected. If you own any underground or exposed, unprotected piping, it should be inspected periodically. If unsafe conditions or damage to a line are discovered, repairs should be made immediately. Plumbing contractors, heating contractors and Daphne Utilities can assist in locating, inspecting and repairing buried lines; however, since these lines do belong to you, costs may be involved. If you have any questions concerning the ownership of any piping, please contact Daphne Utilities for more information or visit our website at

Any excavation near buried gas and other utility lines should be done by hand following the location of those lines. To have utility-owned lines located at no cost to you, contact Alabama 811 at least two working days before you dig.

Natural Gas Operation

Our History & Natural Gas Operation

The Town of Daphne purchased the existing natural gas distribution lines within the incorporated area of Daphne, Alabama in January 1950. The Utilities Board of the Town of Daphne was established in 1953 by the Town and all rights for gas and utility services were transferred to the Utility Board. Since its humble beginnings in 1953, the Daphne Utilities natural gas distribution system has been significantly improved and expanded well beyond the limits of the City of Daphne and into many incorporated areas of Baldwin County.

In 1991, Daphne Utilities invested $3 million dollars in capital improvements to the natural gas distribution system, which included the construction of a new pipeline connecting to the Gulf South pipeline in the Cross Roads Community on Highway 225 south of Bay Minette, Alabama. With this new pipeline and gateway station, Daphne Utilities has a reliable and economical source of natural gas to serve our growing customer base of approximately 4,500 throughout Central Baldwin County.

New Excess Flow Valve Requirements

Units are Measured In Increments Of 100 Cubic Feet

Natural Gas Rates Fluctuate From Month To Month Based On The Cost Of Production. Please Contact our Billing Department (251) 626-2628 For The Most Current Rate.

Need Natural Gas

Please see the steps below regarding Natural Gas Service at your home or business. We look forward to serving you.

  • Call Daphne Utilities at (251) 338-7514 to determine if natural gas is available in your area.
  • Once it is determined that natural gas is available in your area, complete the gas permit and application. You must have a short legal description of the property along with the street address and a list of gas appliances in your home. For example: lot number, subdivision and phase.
  • Fax or email the application and gas permit to (251) 621-3052 or [email protected].
  • Once the application and gas permit are received, the deposits and fees will be due. Once all the fees and deposits are paid, scheduling of the installation of gas service should be coordinated through the gas department.
  • Please call one of our customer service representatives at (251) 626-2628 for fee and deposit information.

Emergency Information

Accident Prevention Strategies

Just over 25 percent of American homes are fueled by natural gas, the cleanest burning fuel source. While it offers reliable and efficient energy, natural gas can be highly dangerous if handled improperly. Possible hazards of natural gas include fire, explosion, carbon monoxide poisoning, and/or suffocation. Adhering to these simple guidelines can help reduce the potential of a dangerous accident.

Gas Leak Detection and Procedure

If something smells like rotten eggs, you may have a gas leak. We add the chemical ethyl mercaptan to natural gas before distribution, giving natural gas this strange and detectable odor. If you smell natural gas, follow these simple yet imperative instructions:

  • Everyone should exit the building or house immediately, leaving the door open upon exit. If the leak occurs outside, leave the area immediately.
  • Go to another location and call Daphne Utilities at (251) 626-2628 or the local fire department to report the leak.


  • Do not try to locate the leak yourself.
  • Do not operate anything electrical including lights, TV, radio, or an automatic garage door.
  • Do not operate anything battery operated including a flashlight.
  • Do not turn on the gas range or other gas appliances.
  • Do not light a flame or strike a match.
  • Do not use the telephone.

Prevention Checklist

  • Keep combustibles away from furnaces, heaters, gas ranges, and dryers.
  • Make sure pilot lights are lit when they are turned on.
  • Never use a gas range as a space heater.
  • Only install gas heaters in well-ventilated areas.
  • Keep gas ranges clean.

Natural Gas Contact Information

Willie Autry
Natural Gas Manager
(251) 583-4437

Kristi Dorsey
Operations Assistant
(251) 338-7514

Devin Merriweather
Natural Gas Supervisor
(251) 709-4435